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8mm Pot w/Switch 5

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Electrical Characterisics

Mechanical Characteristics

Resistance Values

10 KOhm ~ 500 kOhm +/- 20%

Total Rotational Angle

300 deg +/- 5 deg

Resistance Taper

A, B, C

Rotational Torque

120 ~ 200 gf/cm

Residual Resistance

20 Ohm max

Rotational Stop Strength

5 kgf/cm

Rated Power

taper A, C = 0.025W
taper B = 0.05W

Push / Pull Strength

5 kgf/cm / 3 kgf/cm

Operating Voltage

taper A, C = 25V AC
taper B = 50V AC

Slide Noise

100mV max


10,000 cycles

Insulation Resistance

100MOhm min @250V DC

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